I Stand Out award

The I Stand Out award is an exciting badge and certificate to recognise an exceptional or outstanding action by a Kent East member.

Whether they’re a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Ranger or formal volunteer, any Girlguiding Kent East county member can be nominated, recognising exceptional achievements and challenges overcome.

What is the ‘I Stand Out’ award?

Awards and formal acknowledgments can already be made for a variety of things at County, Region and National levels, against set criteria and according to age group.  Our County award – ‘I Stand Out’ – sits alongside these existing awards and is a badge and certificate that can be awarded to any member (inclusive of all members aged 4 to adult members) or recognised volunteer, for exceptional or outstanding action. 

This special award is to recognise something exceptional about our members, through Guiding or outside of Guiding, making them ‘Stand Out’.  ‘Exceptional’ may look different in all circumstances, taking into account the wide age and experience of our membership, but should be considered to be going ‘above or beyond’ in some way. 

It might recognise, but is not limited to:

How do I make a nomination?

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the County website or requested via email from the county Chair of the Awards Panel.  Nominations:

When completing nomination forms, it is important to make sure that you are clear about what it is that stands out about the person you are nominating and keep this as the focus. This will help the panel to make an informed decision.

Download the form

What makes a good nomination?

Nominations that make it clear to the panel what it is about this individual that makes them ‘stand out’ from others will help with the decision-making process.  Nominations that have been successful previously have included lots of relevant details and facts about the nominee that illustrate how they have gone above and beyond or been exceptional in some way. 

There are some examples on the County website to support members in making nominations.

How are decisions reached?

As for other awards at Regional or National level, a panel will meet three or four times during the year to review and discuss nominations and agree on recipients.  The panel consists of up to seven members including the County Commissioner, Assistant County Commissioner, a Division Commissioner, a Unit Leader or other adult member, a Guide, A Ranger or Young Leader and the County Awards Lead Volunteer.  Adults will usually serve for three years and young members usually for one year. 

Awards are usually presented by a member of the County Team.


I Stand Out recognises something exceptional about our members, in or outside of Guiding, making them ‘Stand Out’. Exceptional may look different for different people and contexts, ages and experiences.

Think of it as going above and beyond.

A young member who has young carer commitments at home might be considered as ‘exceptional’.
A member who, over time, (perhaps over a series of separate sessions or residential opportunities) conquers their fear of an adventurous activity and participates successfully may be recognised as ‘going beyond’ the expected.

A volunteer stepping in to cover a key role at a late stage, perhaps following a team member’s illness or injury, to enable the event to still take place could be considered exceptional.

It might recognise:

Examples of nominations

Nomination example 1 Nomination example 2