Impact and voice

Supporting you to share your guiding stories. Marketing and communication assistance from county.

You put time and effort into your volunteering, so blow your guiding trumpet! Tools and resources to assist you sharing your stories, communicating and recruiting in your unit, district or division.

The impact and voice wall

Sharing is caring! Tell us about your activities, crafts, baking, games, trips and events. Big or small, let’s tell all! There is nothing too great, nothing too simple. Your ‘throwaway’ activity might be someone else’s lifesaver. Share everything, even if your activity didn’t go to plan, all we ask is positive vibes only!

Press the green + button. To upload a picture or small video, use the left-most paper icon. Click the link above to start. This wall is public, so only share photos with consent in place.

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Templates and advice to help you send common types of emails and messages.


Tools, resources and advice about using logos, colours and artwork.

Social Media

Using social media for communication and marketing.


Advice and guidelines for photography in a unit setting.

Events and Occassions

Specific resources for events, occasions and campaigns.

Press and Public Relations

Media outlets and public relations.

County Clothing

County clothing, merchandise and name badges.