Caring Christmas Challenge Badge


Every year our division would hold a gift service, a service full of Christmas songs, nativity play and girls would bring a gift to donate to various charities we would be supporting that year.

We found that each year the number of participants would be dropping; bearing this in mind we felt that this method was no longer working and decided to shake things up by disguising the gift service within a badge in a day. This went down really well with units and had an increase number of participants compared to old style gift service. This was also designed by a member of division working towards her Queen’s Guide Award, she wanted to increase awareness of homelessness, some of the money raised went to helping out our local homeless organisations and gifts of food went to our local food bank.

We thought that we would put this challenge together to continue to raise awareness and for others to think of others around Christmas and gain a badge along the way.

Badges and Pack

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