Social Media Profile Frame

A round profile frame for use on social media. To create a profile picture using a Girlguiding Kent East frame, combine it with a suitable square photograph.

We are working towards an online tool, here on the Kent East website, to help you create social media profile pictures. At the moment this tool has not been optimised for mobile.

A limited about of positioning and refinement is offered by this tool. However we recommend that, before you start, you have located a suitable profile photograph on your device and made a copy. Edit the copy so that it is square and the main point of focus is centred.

Select ‘Choose image’ and select a photograph from your device.

Adjust the position of the image (up, down, left and right). You can also zoom in or out.

Use the RENDER button to generate a framed image.

Save the new image to your device.

Upload the result to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Social media profile frame

Profile photo
Profile frame

Rendered Images

Your rendered images appear here but will be deleted once you leave this page! Save these to your device so that you can upload them to social media.

To save an image: On desktop, right-click then select Save image. On mobile, tap or press then select Download, Save image or Save to photos.