KE Links

Would you like to be part of Girlguiding but cannot attend weekly meetings?  Then KE Links is for you!

KE Links Guides

For girls aged 10 to 14

Kent East Link Guides (KE Links) is a new venture by Girlguiding Kent East.  There are a number of girls across the county who, for one reason or another are not able to attend regular Guide meetings.  By Joining KE Links you can enjoy all the benefits that Guiding can offer without having to overcome the difficulty of attending regular meetings.

KE Links are co-coordinated and run by trained, qualified Guide Leaders who also run their own non-Link Guide units.  Your main contact is Renee Grier, whose guiding name is “Robin”.

As a KE Link Guide you will be linked to Robin’s own unit and will be invited to all their special events: camps, holidays, sleepovers and outings.  There will be lots of opportunity to have fun, learn new skills, make new friends and try out some things you’ve never done before!

KE Link Guides will also have our own special events.  We will meet together once a term for a day where we can have some fun together, share achievements and receive badges and certificates. Most of our communication will be by email, post, phone or text.

Camps and Holidays

Each year there will be regular opportunities to join in residential events.  These may be weekends away, single night sleepovers or weeklong holidays. Sometimes we’ll camp in tents and sometimes we’ll stay indoors.  These holidays give us all the chance to get to know each other better, face new challenges and take part in fun, rewarding activities.


For more information about KE Links Guides please contact Renee Grier on 07904 931909 or at

KE Links Senior Section

For girls and young women aged 14 to 25

Want to join a fun unit that’s full of adventure? If you are not able to attend regular unit meetings or prefer the flexibility of working on the Senior Section programme with Leadership support when you need it – then KE Links Senior Section is for you.  We meet once a term.

KE Links Senior Section gives 14 to 17 year olds a chance to do fun badge in a day challenges, be involved in special events, and most importantly to have the opportunity to make new friends and create special Guiding memories.

KE Links Senior Section also offers 18 – 25 year olds a place for young adults to meet. You may be involved in Guiding as an Adult Leader and want to do fun challenges or take time to achieve in the Senior Section programme, undertake the Chief Guide’s challenge or even do the Queens Guide award – your choice! It could be you are new to Guiding and want to find out what we are about!

For more information about KE Links Senior Section please contact Janet Wilson on 07795 511355 or at