Bring a Friend

Showcase guiding to a wider audience. Encourage your members to bring a friend to a unit meeting.

Bring A Friend meeting

Hold a special meeting where everyone is encouraged to bring a friend.

Rolling Bring A Friend Offering

Offer the opportunity for your young members to introduce a friend to guiding at any of your meetings, subject to availability.


These files are available for Bring-A-Friend. updates for these file are now due.

Pondering Points

Many of my young members’ friends are already members.

Rather than running a single bring-a-friend event or meeting, you could encourage members to introduce friends over the course of a term, or as an open offer. Ensure they make arrangements with you prior to the meeting.

Some of my young members will be moving up soon, so their friends may be ‘too old’.

You can suggest members introduce younger friends. However, it is still an opportunity to introduce them to guiding generally even if they will be joining the next section up.

I have a young member who says their only friend is a boy.

For the purpose of recruitment, friends should be eligible to join Girlguiding as a young member in the appropriate section.