20/06/2012 - Kent East Members support the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

Kent East members support the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

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Despite a rainy day, the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant overall was a fun and memorable event. The team consisted of Senior Section and Guiding members from Faversham, Maidstone, Sittingbourne and Herne Bay who, having never met before, were sent to Battersea to work together. We were tasked with assisting those in the community with disabilities who had gathered to watch the river pageant. This ranged from helping them to and fro from the toilets and their seats to simply giving them a carrier bag to allow them to carry their lunch items in. This proved rather difficult as more members of the community arrived and it took a lot of teamwork to be able to keep the disabled area accessible for those who needed it.

Our team were stationed by the river at Battersea Park right at the beginning of the procession. The park itself was easy to get to on a very short train journey from London Victoria and then another 5 minutes walking to our assistance station in the park. Despite the weather being wet and grey nothing could dampen the spirits or enthusiasm of the team, even when things didn't go according to plan and having made a very early start meant waiting around for the public to arrive.

Overall my friend Ella and I enjoyed the day out. We enjoyed ourselves despite having to get the first train from Faversham, standing on our feet all day and ignoring the rain which never ceased. Although the day was very wet and windy, it didn't matter to us as we were able to see the Queen as she went by on her boat down the Thames. We also got to meet new people from other Ranger units and Guiding areas and were rewarded by assisting those who needed help. We managed to get a selection of great photos including some sneak previews of the rowers as they made their way to the start of the procession.

Overall a great occasion with a sense of ceremony as well as great community spirit and joy.  We can't wait for the next one in 10 years.

The team was: Ellena Hurst & Katie Friend (Sittingbourne), Jessica Bassant (Herne Bay) Charlotte Buchan and Ella Haines (Faversham), Kirstin Whibley (Sittingbourne)

Article by Charlotte Buchan